Locum Tenens

Everything you should know about Locum Tenens

What is Locum Tenens?

Locum tenens physicians fill in for other physicians on a temporary basis for a period of a few days or more, as needed. When healthcare entities face temporary staffing shortages due to vacancies, illness, or other causes, they hire locum tenens physicians and other part-time clinicians to fill those vacancies

What type of support services do Locum agencies provide?

Steady work assignments

✓  Suitable matching of physician/clinician to assignment

✓  Paid malpractice insurance

✓  Paid travel assignments

  Paid accommodations and housing

  Credentialing assistance

  Licensure assistance

  Assignment orientation

  IT support

What are the benefits of working Locum Tenens?

  Schedule flexibility

✓  Opportunity to earn supplemental income

  Generous pay

✓  Reimbursement stipends for: transportation, lodging/housing expenses

✓  Medical Malpractice Insurance coverage

  Choose a particular location, community or area to fit your needs

  More clinical time, less paperwork

How do I get started?


If you’re interested in becoming a locum tenens provider

simply fill out the contact form below with your information and

a recruitment specialist will reach out to get you started.

    Locum Tenens and what it means to be one.

    Is Locum tenens a good fit for you?

    Locum tenens may be perfect for you if:

    You are looking to earn extra income

    Need scheduling flexibility

    Want control of the locations you’ll be working at

    You want the opportunity to travel

    Do not want the responsibility of securing and paying for your own medical malpractice coverage

    Want more freedom from long work hours

    You enjoy change and engaging with different people daily

    What makes Locum Tenens positions different for doctors?

    Short term assignments


    Better pay


    How to find the perfect Locum Tenens position for you

    Find a reputable locum tenens agency

    Are the benefits attractive to you?

    Do their schedules fit with your lifestyle/needs?

    Are the areas or locations to service appealing to you?

    Locum Tenens Resources

    How to stand out in your next Locum Job

    ➤ Have scheduling flexibility

    ➤ Treat each assignment with the seriousness you would a long term position

    ➤ Be receptive to change and a team player

    ➤ Provider excellent service as you would in a permanent position scenario

    How to choose the right Locum Tenens agency

    ➤ Do your research

    ➤ Ask about pay and benefits upfront

    ➤ Build a relationship with your recruiter

    ➤ Evaluate their level of professionalism: do they reply to emails in a timely manner? Do they provide accurate information?, etc.

    The lifestyle of Locum Tenens

    Locum tenens providers report less burn out than full time workers. Working locum tenens allow for flexibility, therefore an attractive option for those who like to travel or devote significant to family life. As locum tenens provider you can expect to be in control of your professional life, whether it be your schedule or location, the choices are wide and vast.