Why are Locum Tenens assignments Different for Doctors

Why Work Locum Tenens?

The Locum Tenens positions have higher payment options and that is the reason why doctors consider working locum tenens instead of setting up a traditional practice.

Let’s not forget that doctors working locum tenens see many different medical cases as they get to pick the location and medical facility to work for. We will not be wrong if we say that locum tenens doctors act as independent contractors.

Why Are Locum Tenens in High Demand?

As the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations says:

Physicians can be contracted for any number of reasons, from compensating for physician shortage to covering a permanent doctor’s vacation leave. Healthcare facilities benefit from locum tenens contracts by covering gaps in patient care during periods of growth or physician shortage. The industry continues to grow as more physicians choose this way of practicing medicine and healthcare organizations discover the value of locum tenens staffing.

What Makes Locum Tenens Jobs Different

If you want to pick the locum tenens career path you have to understand that it really requires you to be flexible and adaptable. This is why the locum tenens jobs are a good fit for some and not a good one for others. The ones who chose to work locum tenens, however, get great opportunities as this is a rapidly growing field.