Vitaly Health

Vitaly Health staffing is here to ensure we find you the perfect position on your terms. We have career choices at thousands of hospitals, clinics, and dental centers across the United States to suit your professional goals.

Vitaly Health Locum Tenens presents a thrilling combination of professional fulfillment and reliable staffing. In addition to that, the critical shortage of healthcare and dental providers in the United States has been a serious challenge in many areas of practice since the supply of health and dental practitioners is not sufficient to meet patient’s needs.

Vitaly Health is determined to solve this challenge by presenting organizations the solution to solving their staffing challenges to ensure patients have access to adequate care.

With the continuous increase in demand for healthcare and dental services together with the ever-rewarding benefits of practicing medicine and dentistry as a Locum Tenens provider, more Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Dentists, and Physician Assistants have chosen Locum Tenens as their career of choice.


As a reputable organization with quality medical and dental staffing, Vitaly Health takes every responsibility seriously and will ensure that your experience as a Locum Tenens is flawless. By working you through the processes, provide resources, and answer questions, your recruiters will work diligently when representing you to potential opportunities.

Vitaly Health staffing works with quality hospitals, medical, and dental practices that will continually present more opportunities to help you grow and develop your skills. Vitalyhealth is invested in your success and responsive to resolving any challenges that arise while you are on assignment. This we do to help advance your career.

In this ever-challenging industry, we understand that determining which profession options are right for you is often difficult. So, our team of experts is always happy to help.