Finding Locum Tenens Positions

Location, Location, Location

Working locum tenens requires changing your location and often times this is related to gaining new experience as a medical professional. Locum tenens get to work in new facilities and sometimes in a different practice.

If you are changing the area make sure you find a recruiting agency that will prepare you for that. Good medical staffing and recruiting agencies can help you evaluate not just the options and positions ahead of you but also the location, lifestyle and all other details.

The Facility History

At Vitaly Health we have a lot of great resources and information at your disposal. We can use our wide network of locum tenens so that you can tap into their personal experiences.

Make sure you ask your recruiter to check the facility you are exploring well before you decide to discuss and negotiate a contract.


Payment and salary are definitely one of the biggest decision making factors for locum tenens. However, you should always have in mind that the cost of living is different in all locations. Locum tenens positions are always taking you to the place where you are most needed and not all facilities have big budgets.