Of All The Locum Tenens Around, Vitaly Health seeks to redefine your experience.


Vitaly Health is a nationwide staffing agency that is committed to providing the most suitable candidates for your facility. We have an extensive database of practicing physicians as well as multiple networks of reliable recruiters, but that is not the thing that sets us apart – our structure and excellence are ideal, standard enough to provide a higher standard of attention while we offer comprehensive support and long term stability.

Finding the right healthcare and dental professional starts with a thorough vetting process to evaluate the professional and cultural fit.

Once we’re aware of your needs, we request relevant information about the practice criteria for the physician.

Our expertise includes but not limited to, licensing, travel, credentialing. To make this easier for you, we are ready to do the complex and painful task.


Vitaly Health understands that healthcare and dental executives seek to create operational efficiency for their organizations, especially at a time of significant industry change. For this reason, there is a strong focus on seamless staffing to help streamline workflows and ensure continuity.

With our flawless Locum Tenens service, Vitaly Health presents a special opportunity in driving the top three healthcare strategic priorities:

  • Improved patient experience
  • improved quality of care
  • meeting the increased demand for patient services

We are focused on these priorities to help health care and dental organizations drive real change and improve their services.